Messaging Done Right.

Communicate with anyone, anywhere, anytime, for free. No Account Required.

Messaging, the right way

Dikalo is the only messaging platform that gives users full control over their private data .

You decice how, when and with whom you share your private information.

No E-Mail, no phone number, no sign up required to start a conversation. Forever. For free.

Communicate without worries

We want to help you avoid the risks and hassles associated with exchanging your contact information.

Most messaging apps require that you give out your phone number, email, or username in order to connect to someone.

We dont. Instead you simply create and share code(link) and you are ready to go.

You can generate as many code as you like, and of course you can delete any code at any time.

Fully Functional Messaging

Dikalo has all the great features you know and love from your favorite messaging apps. Send text, photos, audio, stickers, and emojis.

But unlike other messaging apps Dikalo can be used in many different ways. Making it the most flexible messaging app in the market.

Dikalo can be used either with friends/family (by using the personal private code), or with strangers (by sharing a temporary code).

Connect with people who share your passions

On Dikalo you can interact with people on the topics that matter most to you: Family, Food, Travel, Fitness, Lifestyle, Culture, Sports, Business, Tech, Entertainment, Health,and more!

Join compelling stories. Ask questions. Get answers.

Share your own experiences. Anonymously.

Available everywhere you are

You can use Dikalo on the Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Giving you the ability to start a conversation on one device, continue on a second, and finish on a third. Of course we keep everything in sync.